Moonflower Expeditions | Our Team
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Our Team

Brad Petersen

Everything worth achieving requires risk and the greatest risk in life is not taking one. My purpose in life to to help my family, friends, businesses and communities achieve their greatest potential.

Sheila Petersen

The world is a beautiful place. In fact, it’s my favorite place in the whole wide world. My goal is to help make the world happy and healthy.

Sage Petersen

Biking and reading are the staples of life.

Sienna Peteresen

Life doesn’t get any better than this. I enjoy the adventure. I don’t enjoy getting up for school.


Sleeps in Sage’s bed, under the covers with her head on the pillow but hates the mailman and despises the squirrels in the backyard that taunt her.

Waking up to a perfect day on the wall.

(aka Moonflower Manny)

Jim is the ultimate Sherpa.  He’s always available and works tirelessly to make the Moonflower trips an amazing experience.  More than once he’s taken one for the team on Prodigal Son (Zion NP); hauling gear up and down the Grand Teton; rowing the Grand Canyon; and then cooking every night.