Moonflower Expeditions | About Moonflower Expeditions
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About Moonflower Expeditions


We are really nobody important.

We mountain bike and road bike.  We kayak, paddle board and raft.  We climb sandstone towers,  granite big walls and frozen waterfalls. And we snow ski, back country ski and water ski.  If we don’t already do it we’re willing to try.

Occasionally we’ll enter a mountain bike, road bike or adventure race. Our favorite playgrounds are the Tetons, Southern Utah desert towers and rivers, Moonflower Expeditions  doesn’t intend to ever make a profit.  We split the costs of every trip and repair the equipment if there is ever any cash left over.


So Moonflower has nothing to do with money and everything to do with living life to the fullest.


-Brad, Sheila, Sage, Sienna and Lilly (dog)


Follow us on Instagram @UtahOutdoorRecreationOffice and @SheLuvsFitness
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